Distracted Driving FACTS

Distracted Driving FACTS

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month,  distracted driving is  a serious issue that prevention and awareness can change.

According to the National Safety Council, Motor vehicle crashes are the top causes of injury death throughout a person’s lifetime. They also are the No. 1 cause of work-related death and leading cause of teen deaths. Annually, more U.S. soldiers are killed in crashes in privately owned vehicles than all other Army ground casualties combined. Each year since 1994, between 32,800 and 43,500 people have been killed in motor vehicle crashes.

That’s more than 737,000 lives lost during these years. It includes people inside and outside of vehicles, as well as motorcyclist, bicyclists and pedestrians who were struck by vehicles. The lives lost on U.S. roadways each year are equal to the lives that would be lost from a 100-passenger jet crashing every day of the year. In addition to the thousands of fatalities, many more people suffer serious life changing injuries in motor vehicle crashes. More than 2.2 million injuries resulted from vehicle crashes.

To reduce this toll, prevention and awareness with crashes must be addressed. DCH Auto Group, and DCH Tustin Acura, is working to help increase awareness to help make a change in working with teens through SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions. Students don’t always listen to parents or adults but they typically listen to each other and voice their opinions to adults. It is our hope to give them knowledge to do what’s right before they even get behind the wheel and can start good habits early and influence others to do the same.

Please show them your support when you see them in the community.

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Acura ILX – Growing in Popularity


Popularity is growing quickly for the littlest vehicle in the Acura line, the 2014 Acura ILX. 

The ILX is a sweet, sporty, luxurious ride that challenges it’s larger and bigger siblings in the Acura line up.  Add a win for the Acura ILX luxury sports sedan, earning the 2014 IntelliChoice Best Overall Value of the Year Award in the Premium Compact Passenger Car category. Then add in the base model having an ALG Residual Value after 36 months at 52%, and on top of that add a little more with a lease price that fits most budgets -and your in love.

Acura ILX LuxuryA variety of measures were taken to ensure the ILX delivers the refined ride of a luxury road car. Significant wind tunnel testing reduced areas of wind turbulence such as the windshield base, the trailing edge of the trunk and across the entire floor-pan, the front body corners were shaped to reduce tire air turbulence, and a floating front sub-frame structure with heavily reinforced mounting points reduces road noise. Plus, four resonators in the intake manifold reduce engine induction noise during acceleration.

A newer feature is SMS Text Message Function. Acura has redirected the temptation to engage in hand-held texting with an integrated SMS text message function44. This function allows you to respond to incoming text messages in a manner that helps mitigate any potential driver distraction.

Increasing safety and handling, the Acura ILX uses a combination of MacPherson struts for the front suspension and a multi-link arrangement in the rear. Using a strut-style front suspension makes more room available for crash reinforcement. The multi-link rear suspension helps maximize second-row seating and cargo space—all while providing outstanding handling and ride quality.

The 5-Speed Automatic and 6-Speed Manual models use a 20 mm diameter front stabilizer bar to reduce body roll, while the Acura ILX Hybrid uses a 19mm front bar due to its lower center of gravity. All models have a 14 mm rear stabilizer bar.

The ILX steering system is a good example of the subtle ways a luxury car differentiates itself from more conventional vehicles. Extremely rigid mounting for the steering column increases linear feel for greater steering precision while reducing low and high-speed vibration. Electronic, rather than hydraulic power, assist does not draw mechanical power from the engine, increasing its efficiency.

Amazing features fill this Acura: Keyless Access System and Pushbutton Ignition, Multi-View Rear Camera, Performance Braking, Rigid Body Structure, Smooth & Quiet Ride, Multi-View Rear Camera, HID Headlights, large and easily accessible trunk area and cabin storage, Automatic Climate Control, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, …the list goes on and on with all the features this baby has and it’s not a wonder it’s becoming popular.

Learn more about the beautiful Acura ILX and take a ride in a one, but be cautious you’ll fall in love it! With a great price and full on luxury, with so much simply coming standard instead of being an “A la Carte” option,  you absolutely can’t go wrong. You will find that with a full ILX inventory at our store you have plenty of choices to choose from.


2014 Acura ilx w dch tustin acura logo


2014 ILX Base Model#DE1F3EJNW) for $179/mo. plus tax for 36 months, closed-end lease. $2,699 + government fees + taxes due at signing. No security deposit. Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage over 10,000 miles per year with .15 cents excess miles. On approved above average credit. Subject to prior sale.

This offer expires: 04/29/2014

Contact our sales department at DCH Tustin Acura and take one of these beautiful Acuras for a ride.

Phone: 888-791-9777


Green for March

St Patrick’s Day – Leprechaun Leap 2014 5k Race St.Patricks Day

Everyone Loves to go a little bit Irish Green on St. Patrick’s Day and our employees at DCH Tustin Acura are no different to getting in the spirit.

This Year we were also proud to support sponsorship and volunteer efforts for the 3rd Annual Leprechaun Leap 5K Race on Sunday, March 16, 2014, held at the Tustin Hangar and the District at Tustin Legacy. With a need for over 120 volunteers, our DCH SADD Chapters all volunteering from Beckman, Foothill, Tustin, and Northwood High Schools worked at the event to help in making the this year’s Leprechaun Leap a success.

leprechaun leap 2014The event began with beautiful weather as the sun was just rising to warm things up. Over 1400 participants ran in this year’s event which was a momentous and fun time for everyone. Participants who dressed up in their favorite green outfits began the race in the Costco parking lot and ran down Tustin Ranch Road, looped in and out through the the Hanger where an Acura ILX and Acura TL sponsored by DCH Tustin Acura encouraged runners to keep going, and then back to the finish line. Those who joined in ran, walked, parents jogged with children in strollers, and pet owners even dressed up their dogs to join in the fun too.

After the race, participants were able to cool down and take a stroll through the expo at The Promenade in the District at Tustin Legacy, with entertainment and the awards ceremony for winners in several categories including first place and best costume. The Leprechaun Leap 5K is organized by the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, with proceeds going to the Tustin Community Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce, both non-profit organizations which support many local organizations in the community.

Leprechaun Leap 5K Fun

DCH Tustin Acura is proud to support the Leprechaun Leap 5K Run which is organized by the Tustin Chamber of Commerce. We will have students from our local SADD Chapters at Beckman, Foothill, Tustin, and Northwood High Schools will be volunteering their time to help along the way and don’t for get to look for the Acura’s in the hanger, we’re there to show everyone our support too!

The Leprechaun Leap 5k course welcomes everyone of all ages to join in the fun and get a little exercise. So walk, run, bring strollers and even dogs on leashes and join in!  Please bring your own “doggy bags”.

tustin leprechaun leap 5kThis will be the 3rd Annual Leprechaun Leap 5K run which will take place this year Sunday, March 16, 2014 at The Tustin Hanger and the District at Tustin Legacy. Register as an Individual or a Team of 5 or more.  Teams must be joined together in a Snake format.

Awards will be given for the fastest times and best costume so get your shamrock on!

Post race festivities include an expo throughout The Promenade at the District at Tustin Legacy, including great entertainment and awards ceremony.

Proceeds will benefit The Tustin Community Foundation and the , both are non-profit organizations which in turn help 100′s of other programs and support organizations.


Event Schedule

  • 6:00am Registration opens – PetSmart parking lot
  • 7:30am 5K starts
  • 8:00am Entertainment begins
  • 9:00am Awards at Promenade Stage

Parking: The Leprechaun Leap 5K starts and finishes at The District, in the parking lot closest to Petsmart and Office Depot. Awards ceremony and entertainment will be on the main stage (near the escalator).

Location: The District
Dates: Sunday, Mar 16 2014, 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Address: 2437 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782
REGISTER and learn more at:  http://leprechaunleap.org

Calling College Graduates


Did you know Acura provides a special rate just for College Graduates?


Learn more at:

PDF: http://www.acurafinancialservices.com/static/pdf/Acura_Graduate_Program.pdf

Website: http://www.acurafinancialservices.com/finance/college-grad-program

Fun Fact: #WashingtonsBirthday or is it #PresidentsDay?


Fun Fact: Is it #Washington’s Birthday or is it #PresidentsDay? : It depends on who you talk to.
The Enactment of the Monday Holiday Law11 in 1968 shifted the commemoration of Washington’s Birthday from February 22 to the third Monday in February. Contrary to popular belief, neither the Monday Holiday Law, nor any subsequent action by Congress or the President, mandated that the name of the holiday observed by federal employees in February be changed from Washington’s Birthday to Presidents Day.
Learn more about the 5 First Federal Holidays at:


Acura Owners Register


Do you have an Acura?

Registering your vehicle on the official site for Acura Owners unlocks the many privileges of ownership.

As a registered owner, you can begin to enjoy the many benefits available exclusively for Acura Owners.

So, what is the benefit of registering?

•You receive a personal account with vehicle information available at your fingertips.
•You’ll be the first to learn about exclusive offers, promotional programs, and coupons offered by your local dealer and by Acura.
•You can quickly and easily schedule service appointments online, as well as, personally enter and access all your service records.
•Your Acura ID, along with your password, can be used to access a number of Acura and Honda web sites and mobile applications.

REGISTER for your Acura ID at: https://owners.acura.com

Fearful Parents, New Drivers

Most crashes happen during the first year of license and although that doesn’t help the anxiety, it is a fact. Knowing how to help your new driver be preventative and drive smart is a good way to help them avoid a deadly wreck. That is why learning and understanding the effects and causes of crashes is an important staple in educating new drivers.

It is very common for parents to be fearful about their teen starting their behind the wheel driving, it seems like just yesterday you taught them how to walk without falling. You can begin to help them now in driving by becoming more informed about what you can do to help advise them to make good choices and more knowledgeable of the dangers teens face when they start to drive.

The first step is educate yourself, by visiting websites that offer more information like the DCH Teen Safe Driving Foundation Tips for Parents or educational Videos that help; there are also helpful tips on CDCor at NOYS, or check with your insurance company or free videos such as AAA on youtube. 

Sit down with them while they do the online class, check the latest driving laws for young drivers, and take some time to read up about the state Graduated Driver’s License (GDL)and seriously discuss it with your new driver and as well as what your personal rules for them will be.

Driving laws have changed since we started to drive -some of us back when lap belts were only a suggestion. So you may learn a few new things and may want to adjust in your own driving habits because like the old saying “monkey see, monkey do” it’s a prime example of what may happen after a few months when your new driver is on their own and thinks they know it all now that they passed DMV. They’ve watched you drive all their lives, and after studying “the rules” better than they do homework, they are apt to criticize your driving, so stating that you “learned something too” can go a long way in their learning experience and showing your acceptance of their new rules they will need to follow.

We asked DCH Tustin Acura General Manager, Steve Shirk about when he taught his kids to drive, “I think I left my finger imprints in the dash.” He jokingly laughed, but suggested “Actually, you should expect that Driver’s Training doesn’t really teach as much you hope in such a short period of time. Most important is to stay calm and keep making them practice driving, even when they scare the heck out of you. The more experience they get with a parent the better you’ll both feel. It’s still a scary feeling the first few times they ask for the keys and drive off on their own, but at least you’ll be a little more at ease.”

Windshield Wipers

That’s a great tip, make them drive everywhere! To the local grocery store, mall, movie theater, school games, the ice cream place, even to the local fast food drive thru, places that you know they are eventually going to inhabit often. …The minim requirement is to provide at least 30 to 50 hours of supervised driving practice over at least six months; but in actuality the more experience they get better. After all it takes a long time to learn a new thing proficiently and practice really helps. Also make sure they practice on a variety of roads, at different times of day and night, and in varied weather and traffic conditions it will help your teen gain the skills he or she needs to be more knowledgeable when they face those conditions on their own.

One other tip… most teens state that their parents make them more nervous. Remember they are new at this, excited and in many cases over confident. In the beginning, try to stay as calm as possible and offer guidance but don’t tease, yell, or lecture while driving. It creates more stress on an already stressful situation for you both and it distracts them at a point when they don’t know how to handle the situation properly. When frustrated, simply have them pull over and take a break. Explain a better way to handle the experience, then try it again. For 2011 Acura RL frontbest practices, take a full day now and then, do a road trip, travel down back roads, find a large parking lot and repeatedly make them park in different stalls, practice parallel parking between rubber garbage cans, or simply go out when its quiet and where it’s less congested to places you know they’ll frequent. All these things will help you both learn to be more confident in their driving skills, even if you have to drive them to those places and then let them drive. It’s a good way to get you both started.

Enthused about your dealership

Escape the hassle and be enthused about visiting the dealership!
At DCH Tustin Acura we strive to make our dealership work for you with several ways to make your visit a little easier.
•Extended vehicle service drop off and pick up hours ,
•Courtesy shuttle drop off,
•72-hour price quote guarantee,
•By appointment Acura and Honda Lease Returns,
•Free vehicle trade-in evaluation even if your not ready to sell yet,
•Express lube service,
•Ability to make service appointments online,
•Free car wash with every service,
•Free WiFi in our waiting rooms,
•Private work stations
•Free bottled water, fresh ground Gourmet Coffee, Cappuccino, Teas, and Hot Cocoa
•Free DCH Tustin Acura rewards program points for dollars spent on parts or services toward free services or items.

And these are just some of the services our dealership offers because we want you to not only be delighted by your new or preowned vehicle purchase, but also to be happy to return for regular maintenance and service, or parts and accessories.

Learn more at http://www.dchtustinacura.com

Feel confident in your decision

20140123-041809.jpgAt DCH Tustin Acura we want you to feel confident in your decision of purchase and in our abilities to help assist you in which ever department you are visiting.
All of our DCH Tustin Acura representatives love to share their knowledge and individual expertise with our customers. It’s our way to help you feel relaxed and certain about your decisions.
What ever your choice of shopping method, our dealership staff are happy to assist you. Whether it’s online, on the phone, email or visiting us in person we want you to feel welcome and confident that you made the right choice for your individual automotive needs.



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